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No rest for the wicked by Ulysses0302
No rest for the wicked
Ever since I did this  OC Actors Meme by Ulysses0302 back in 2011 Elijah was looking like Aidan Turner in my mind, something I could never recreate properly with the means I had so far, neither hair, nor skin or morph... now the wonderful studioartvartanian blessed me with one of her actor look-alike-sets and she picked... Aidan bloody Turner! I was over the moon! So I know it's only been like a few weeks since my Elijah picture on Halloween but this is how he was always supposed to look. Finally.

LinkyBaby - die Überraschung, die ich versprochen habe ;)
29 comments?! Oh, it's mostly rayn44 and SlingBlade87 battling out who is to blame for their awesome string of AUs *snicker*
Persian Delights by Ulysses0302
Persian Delights
Silly title and actually just me testing a new set of props I got but I liked the outcome so... here you go. I have a thing for Dick looking like he's a tad bit bananas and let's face it, he is. I'm inappropriately fond of this character. *snicker*
Velkan, Jon and Dick, who would you choose?
Child of the night by Ulysses0302
Child of the night
Happy Halloween everyone!

I know there isn't a pumpkin on this picture but I decided to make it my Halloween upload this year. LinkyBaby and I were talking today and we spoke about Jon's new hair and how it would possible would work for Elijah, too. So here he is. Back again after quite some time. And somehow coming full circle. My first vampire OC ever. Elijah Valentine.
Bath Time by Ulysses0302
Bath Time
"So that's what you guys do when I'm at work, eh? I need to find you both a nice little desk job to relieve you of your free time." Velkan smirked lovingly and dipped his finger into the bathtub.
"Don't be jealous." Jonathan chuckled mischievously. "Why don't you come in? The water is really nice."
"I don't think I will fit in there with the two of you."
"That depends on who is on whom and who might be standing." Dick shrugged. "Just sayin'."
Velkan shock his head before reaching down and opening his belt buckle. "I don't think that Jonathan is the best influence on you."
"Says the horny alpha." Jonathan winked and moved closer to Dick to give Velkan some room. It would be a tight fit but then again it always was with Velks...


First thing (aside from commissions) I really liked in ages. Meet Jon's new hair, btw, that's not just for the bathtub ;) I'm not sure it was wise of Dick to keep the feathers and fangs in his hair, the feathers definitely don't take water too well, but what can I say? *lol*


Ulysses0302's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
Started out as writer only and got into 3D rendering four years ago. Still working to become better but I was told I would have found a recognizable style.
Favorite motives are gay centered, mostly romantic, some sexy, fantasy and vampire (since I'm in the fandom - no Twilight!), some sci-fi and real life. Would love to make a living out of either my writing or my art one day but this is still not much more than a dream.

Deep Breath and brave heart, Clara

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 24, 2014, 3:10 PM
Okay, I knew the leaked version and already loved it but seeing it in theatres was just a whole different thing. This was hands down the best new Doctor episode of the new series, you could almost say of the entire series. "The Christmas Invasion" (Tenth) was boring most of the time and almost Doctor light and "11th hour" couldn't hold itself up against this beauty. Aside from the lost episode which first features the second Doctor I know all new Doctor episodes of the old show and not even Tom Baker's first "Robot" could compare to this. Moffat is a sly old fox and a brilliant writer. Not only did he correct the worst element of the RTD era, the destruction of Gallifrey and the Time Lords, in the Anniversary special, he also managed to come up with such a great way to introduce us to a new Doctor, who will be like nothing which has come before since 2005.

I won't even get me start on the brilliance of the dialogue and how Madam Vastra probably is the best character Moffat ever created (and I'm pro lesbian lizard kiss! Sheesh, there are actually people calling this porn...) or how amazing the portrayal of Clara's emotional turmoil was. The story switched from funny to creepy, had exactly the right pacing, introduced a new villain for the series (cause I don't think the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere is a particularly nice gal... Scary Mary (Poppins), anyone?) and sent this TARDIS team on a new, darker journey with an amazing new dynamic. No more flirting, a darker Doctor, straight, no nonsense with angry eyebrows. Capaldi promises to be a Doctor like my favorite, the 4th, more alien, less accessable... I love it.

  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Doctor Who Audio Adventures
  • Reading: Drawing tutorials
  • Playing: Animal Crossing New Leaf


Russian Still Life by aerilworks

When you first see this you'd think that it is a photo. And that's what makes it so amazing. The glass of Vodka looks so real you think...

DAO: What can I do by SoniaCarreras

I think this work is special on several aspects. It may seem a little rough here and there if only the style is considered but it is ve...

Privateers by Gabriellebri

A wonderful 3D work with so much atmosphere. Two adventures in fantastic gear, weapons ready, a determined look on their faces, eyes to...

Basketball by aerilworks

This work is nothing short but amazing. It made my jaw drop when I saw the thumbnail and instantly reminded me of the great works you c...



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